Parking Permit Fees/Violation Fines

Parking permit fees

Permit Type Fall & Spring
Per Year
Commuter $95.00 $24.00 $119.00
Residence Hall $171.00 $24.00 $195.00
Lot 27A N/A N/A $374.00
Reserved N/A N/A $187.00
Second Reserved
N/A N/A $12.00
Evening $50.00 $24.00 $74.00
Service Vehicle N/A N/A $187.00
Vendor N/A N/A $187.00
Motorcycle N/A $8.50 $22.00
Overnight N/A N/A $405.00
Metered Parking N/A N/A $1 per hour
Orange $54.00 $13.00 $67.00

Parking violation fines

Escalating fine structure

The fines listed apply to the first through fourth tickets received by one person within a given permit year (August 1 – July 31). For any ticket received by a person who already has received four tickets within the permit year, the fine for additional tickets shall escalate.  The fine for the fifth through eighth tickets shall be 1.5 times the amount listed. Fines for the nine or more tickets shall be two times the amount listed. The date the ticket was received will be the defining date to determine how many tickets are counted. Tickets for which an appeal is granted shall not be counted.

Fines revert to individual faculty, staff and student Accounts Receivable accounts if not paid or appealed within 15 days. No late fees apply; Accounts Receivable accounts accrue a 1% per month service fee for unpaid charges.

Permit not present $34.00
Altered/Stolen permit $150.00
Permit does not apply to zone $30.00
No parking zone $34.00
Not parked wholly in space $22.00
No disabled permit $105.00
Overtime parking $25.00
Obstructing traffic $28.00
Reserved zone $45.00
Auto clamp removal fee $50.00
Bike lock removal fee $25.00