If You Get a Ticket

Where do I pay the fine?

You must pay fines at the bursar’s office or mail them to 901 S. National Avenue, Springfield, MO 65897. Non-faculty, staff or students may pay at the bursar’s office or Transit Operations Center (TOC), 700 E. Elm.

How many days do I have to pay the fine?

15 calendar days.

What happens if I don’t pay the fine?

Those who fail to pay fines may be subject to:

  • Encumbrance of student records and denial of the privilege to register for classes or obtain a transcript.
  • Appropriate disciplinary action or other action for faculty/staff through administrative channels.
  • Collection procedures and costs, including interest, attorney’s fees and withholding from final university paychecks.

How do I appeal the ticket?

Visit appealing a ticket for more information.