Campus Security Authorities

What is the Clery Act?

The Clery Act is a federal law that requires any university participating in federal financial aid programs to track and report information about certain crimes that occur on or near campus. Such crime statistics are reported to the U.S. Department of Education on an annual basis via an “annual security report.” The Clery Act also requires universities to notify the campus community about any crimes that pose an ongoing threat to the community.

Who is a Campus Security Authority?

The Clery Act requires universities to collect crime reports from a variety of individuals known as “campus security authorities,” or CSAs. By statute, CSAs include campus security personnel and anyone who has “significant responsibility for student and campus activities.” Thus, whether someone is a CSA depends on the individual’s job function.

Examples of CSAs include:

  • Dean of Students,
  • Athletic Directors,
  • Athletic Coaches,
  • All student group faculty advisors,
  • Greek Affairs Coordinators,
  • Resident Advisors,
  • Other individuals designated as CSAs by the University.

Note: Faculty members who do not have any responsibility for student and/or campus activities beyond the classroom do not meet the criteria for being a CSA.

What are the responsibilities of a Campus Security Authority?

The function of a CSA is to report certain crimes occurring on or near campus to a specific individual/office designated by the University. The CSA is not responsible for determining whether a crime took place, or for conducting an investigation. The CSA is also responsible for notifying the University-designated individual/office of any crimes that pose an ongoing threat to the community.

What crimes are reportable under the Clery Act?

  • Homicide (including Murder, Non-negligent Manslaughter, Negligent Manslaughter)*
  • Sexual Offenses (whether forcible or non-forcible)*
  • Robbery*
  • Aggravated Assault*
  • Burglary*
  • Motor Vehicle Theft*
  • Arson*
  • Hate Crimes (for all offenses noted with a *, as well for incidents of larceny/theft, simple assault, intimidation/ vandalism, that are motivated by bias)
  • Alcohol Offenses
  • Drug Offenses
  • Illegal Weapons Possessions
  • Domestic Violence
  • Dating Violence
  • Stalking

NOTE: If you are unsure as to whether particular activity is reportable under the Clery Act, you should err on the side of reporting it. When in doubt, report it!

Who should a Campus Security Authority report crimes to at Missouri State University?

CSAs should report crimes to the Missouri State University Department of Safety and Transportation at 417-836-5509. This number is answered 24-hours per day.


Contact the Department of Safety and Transportation at 417-836-5509.