Service Calls

Animal calls

A Public Safety Officer will respond to any call when there is a problem with an animal in an office, classroom or building. Animal Control will be called as needed.

Public accident/injury

A written report is made on all calls of an accident or injury on campus. Ambulance assistance is requested in cases when needed. The Safety and Transportation Department does not transport ill or injured persons. An inspection is made of the injury site, if applicable, and corrective action taken if needed.


Keys are available at the Safety and Transportation Dispatch Office to be checked out by authorized persons for access to rooms or buildings.

  • Unlocking: On Friday mornings Custodial Department unlocks all academic buildings. On other days the buildings are unlocked by the Safety and Transportation.
  • Room/Building Access: Safety and Transportation will provide access to rooms, labs, buildings, etc. when requested by authorized personnel. The person requesting access must have authorization to be in the area, or a building pass must be shown to the officer.


In the event an elevator becomes inoperable Safety and Transportation coordinates with the elevator repair service for immediate repairs.

Other calls

Public Safety Officers are available 24 hours a day to respond to any call for service on the Missouri State campus. Call 417-836-5509 for assistance.

Safe walk

The Safety and Transportation Department provides an on-campus walking service seven days a week during the hours of darkness. The use of the Bear Line Shuttle is encouraged. An officer will be radio-dispatched to the caller's location. No more than two students will be escorted from the same point of origin to the same campus property destination. Depending on the availability of an officer, safe walks may be delayed at times. For complete information about the Safe Walk Service, contact the Safety and Transportation Department at 417-836-5509.