Use of Bollards


To provide guidelines regarding the use of removable bollards on campus.


Removable bollards can be found at access ways just off of primary and secondary roads and lanes around the campus. They are utilized in an attempt to control vehicular traffic in areas that have been designated primarily for pedestrian and bicycle use. The bollards are 42" tall and 6" square steel tubes, painted maroon in color with a lock eye at the base to allow for a padlock to secure them.

Authorized use

Many campus areas restricted by the bollards require service from a number of different University departments, as well as vendors and contractors outside of the University. In cases where the vehicle must be near the area being served, removal of the bollard may be necessary to gain access.


The intent of the placement of bollards, to restrict vehicular access, is abused when the bollards are not returned to their original positions immediately following passage by the vehicle. The missing bollard encourage additional vehicular traffic where it is not intended. The aesthetics of this area is also compromised when the bollard it tossed to the side.

This policy requires those vehicle operators removing the bollards to be granted approval by the University department head to whom they are responsible. It further requires the operator reposition the bollard immediately upon entry into the area and again upon departure.

Enforcement of policy

It is the responsibility of the department head of any functional area authorizing vehicular access within the boundaries of the bollards to ensure this policy is understood and the consequences of not adhering to the same.

Those who take pride in our campus will be asked to assist with enforcement. Violators can be identified by license plate or vehicle number, and a company decal when applicable. Those who identify the problem are to inform their immediate supervisor; the supervisor is to take corrective action at the lowest level possible. Should it be determined necessary, the issue will be forwarded to the Director of Safety & Transportation or the Director of the Physical Plant for action. The department head responsible for the operation, of which the vehicle is a part, will be notified. The department head is expected to take necessary action to correct the behavior that negatively impacts the campus; lack of results will cause for the issue to be raised to the next level.

The consequences of repeat violations of this policy will be the loss of the privilege of accessing the areas by vehicle; carrying or hand trucking the equipment or material from outside the bollards will be required. Continued violations by an individual could result in disciplinary action, if a University employee; or a request to the company principle to ban a driver from Missouri State University campus, if a contracted service.

This policy's effective date is July 1, 2006.

Approved by:
Gary Snavely
Director, Safety & Transportation