External Groups and Individuals

(For non-commercial expressive activities)

Any non-University individual or group is welcome to share an opinion or viewpoint with the University community. Access for public forums is provided on the city sidewalks that run parallel to the city streets that surround and cross the campus, subject.

To relevant city ordinances, state and federal law (maps indicating city streets and sidewalks are available through the Event and Meeting Services Office and from Office of Safety and Transportation). Access is also provided at identified public forum locations.

Forums, rallies, demonstrations, and other similar expressive activities conducted by individuals and groups that are not members of the University community must be registered with the Office of Safety and Transportation (636 E Elm, phone 417-836-5509). The identified public forum locations are available for use or reservation by non-University individuals and groups. Access to the identified public forum locations is provided on a content neutral basis. Any denial of access will specify the reasons for which registration is denied, and offer an appeal procedure. The following time, place, and manner parameters apply to public forum locations as well as to expressive activities of members of the University community in other locations.