Utility Failure

In the event a power outage should occur, Missouri State University employees should follow these procedures, unless directed differently by Safety and Transportation.

  1. Individuals who become aware of a utility failure on Campus should call the Radio Communication Center at 417-836-5509 or the Work Management Center at 417-836-8400, from any campus phone and provide the following information:
    • Name and telephone number
    • The exact location of the area(s) experiencing a Utility failure (building, floor, room number, nature of the problem, person making the call and extension)
  2. RCC will forward the above information to the Work Management Center as well as notify the following:
    • Public Safety Supervisor on duty.
    • All on-duty Public Safety Officers.
    • Assistant Director of Safety.
    • Director of Safety and Transportation.
  3. In the event of a power failure covering a large area such as an entire building, the RCC will:
    • Contact the Power House/Work Management, or a designee.
    • Activate Emergency Notification List.
    • Assess whether or not full or partial evacuation of the building is necessary.
    • Assign Public Safety Officers to check each office/classroom in each building that is open to determine if anyone needs assistance getting out of any building. Priority should be given to individuals with disabilities.
    • Close all laboratories using or storing chemicals and relying upon special ventilation equipment (Laboratory).
    • Assign Public Safety Officers to secure the building until the problem is corrected.

During power failures, areas that do not have enough natural light to clearly see exit corridors, exit stairs, or exit doors, should be evacuated while emergency lights are on. Entry to the building should not be made until power is restored. Emergency lighting is temporary and is not provided to continue building operations.