Building Unlock Procedures

The procedures for unlocking and locking of University buildings and rooms are:

  1. The daily unlocking of building entry doors will be performed by Custodians, Monday through Friday, and Public Safety Officers on Saturday and Sunday. The daily locking of building entry doors will be performed by Public Safety Officers. The normal hours for public access to University buildings will be 6:00 a.m. to the ending time of the last scheduled activity (see NOTE 1).
  2. Unlocking and locking of all internal rooms will be the responsibility of the user on week days. On weekends, Safety and Transportation will unlock/lock only internal rooms that are listed on the Daily Activities for Security report and Greenwood Laboratory School request (see NOTES 2 and 3).
  3. Custodial Services will leave internal doors as found, i.e., if doors are locked, the custodians will lock the doors when they are finished cleaning; if doors are unlocked, the custodians will leave the doors unlocked when they are finished cleaning, EXCEPT for offices and computer laboratories which will always be left locked when the custodian leaves the room.
  4. In situations when an authorized user forgets his/her key, a Public Safety Officer will be dispatched to unlock a door upon request. The authorized user must be present and will be required to show photo identification before the door will be unlocked.
  5. In situations when an unauthorized user requests access to a locked building/room, the request will not be acted on until the unauthorized user obtains authorization through the procedure outlined in NOTES 2 and 3 below.

Procedure notes

  1. It is impossible to unlock/lock all buildings at exactly the same time. Some buildings may be unlocked/locked earlier/later than others, but we will attempt to have these tasks done no later than the above beginning and ending times.
  2. Safety and Transportation views the R25 webviewer (Bearville) for class/events scheduled. This contains building activity information that has been entered into the system by scheduling Support staff and the Facilities Coordinator, Event and Meeting Services Offices (EMSO). Buildings will be unlocked/locked in accordance with the schedule information on Bearville. To ensure that buildings are unlocked/locked, activities must be scheduled through the Scheduling Support or EMSO. Unlocking/locking requests sent directly to the Safety and Transportation Department will not be acted on.
  3. The use of Greenwood Laboratory School facilities (e.g., gym, classrooms, etc.) must be scheduled through the Greenwood office. The Assistant Director of Safety and Transportation will be provided a weekly (or as needed) schedule by the Greenwood office listing the rooms to be unlocked/locked.

For questions, please contact Safety and Transportation at 417-836-8444.