Threat to Campus

October 2, 2013

On today's date, the MSU Safety & Transportation Department was notified of a threat to "a school campus". A person reportedly made a verbal threat to a federal office worker that he was going to shoot up a campus. There was no indication that this involved MSU campus, and no supporting credible information that the threat was even valid. The person making this statement has been accounted for at the time of this notice.

This situation is being monitored closely by the Springfield Police Department, and if any credible information is received that indicates a threat to MSU campus, we will activate our emergency response plan and emergency notification system to alert the campus of that threat.

MSU has an emergency notification system to notify the campus community about significant emergencies that constitute an immediate or impending threat to the health or safety of members of that campus. That policy is located at the following location on the MSU website:

Emergency Notification Policy

The purpose of such a warning is to give community members the information they need to understand the significance of an ongoing threat, and to take actions to protect themselves from a threat.