Bomb Threat Safety Precautions

Over the past few years, the University has received numerous threatening calls regarding the placement of explosives in our campus buildings. The timing of these bomb threats always occurs around mid-term exams and finals week. In anticipation of similar events this year, we are providing information regarding action your staff and employees should take if they receive a bomb threat. Also included are procedures and activities the Safety & Transportation Department is undertaking to deter these interruptions to the University campus.

Most of these threats have been made by telephone, although one was made in writing. In the past, two students were suspended for making one or more bomb threats. One of the two persons received a sentence of imprisonment in addition to a rather large fine. Under State of Missouri Revised Statutes Section 575.090, making a false bomb report is a class D felony.

The Safety & Transportation Department is using several different strategies to deter these activities:

  • Display telephones that indicate the on-campus number and location from which a call is being placed.
  • Telephone switch will signal by the ring if the call is an outside call or a campus call. A single ring indicates an on-campus call; a double ring indicates an off-campus call.
  • The University has installed a PBX telephone switch feature called MCT (Malicious Call Trace). This feature will identify on campus calls, seizing the caller's telephone line until law enforcement authorities apprehend the caller.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms federal agencies will respond, if an explosive device is located during a bomb threat search.
  • The University will prosecute to the fullest extent possible under law any persons placing any threat to students, faculty, staff and campus facilities.

College Deans and Department Heads could assist in this process to deter any further bomb threats by:

  • Selecting alternate classrooms for testing in another building if a bomb threat is made in the regularly scheduled classroom where tests are scheduled.
  • Remind students in classes the week prior to mid-term exams and finals of the points above under the Safety and Transportation Department operations to deter such bomb threats.