Veterans Holistic and Collaborative Care Internship

Veterans Holistic and Collaborative Care Internship

Summer 2018
Application Deadline: April 27, 2018

About the Internship:

Objective: Identify and publish a "tool kit" of concepts, resources, and practices that address holistic outcomes for persons who experience "hidden wounds of war".

This project would add to the base of knowledge and practice applications available to community networks and organizations that seek to provide helping resources to veterans of war and their families.

This project focus will concentrate on persons who have served in combat and/or in combat fields of deployment.
Categories of Research may include the following:
* aging veterans
* general veteran populations
* active military
* impact of moral injury and military deployment on families and caregivers
* churches and faith-based groups with services and programs for veterans/active military
* educational organizations and healthcare providers focused on hidden wounds of war and the overall wellness of veterans and their families
* identifying and interviewing military service persons/veterans and their support persons to capture their stories
* identify persons and organizations that wish to provide support and/or collaborate with Veterans Care Ministry at the organizational or community network levels
* create a digital matrix for recording all discoveries and relevant content
* generate a directory of persons and organizations to be networked for Veterans Care Ministry
* develop a digital repository for training, development, and research purposes

The primary template developed by Veterans Affairs is to form community-based collaboratives between mental health practitioners and clergy. The model of care adopted by The Baptist Home for the residential care facilities is Validation Therapy. Part of the challenge for Veterans Care Ministry is to develop guidelines and training content for residential care staff about how to integrate an enhanced knowledge of moral injury with the practice of Validation Therapy for aging residents who have served in combat, especially those who are processing end-of-life reconciliation.
Additionally, Veterans Care Ministry is developing guidelines and training content for clergy and faith-based groups that will provide information and resources for giving holistic support to veterans and their families.

The Selected Candidate will work closely with Dr. Tommy Goode, who has decades of community advocacy, organizing, and nonprofit work. Dr. Goode has experience working with home health and palliative care organizations, community asset building, and in research and managing student intern projects. This position is ideal for anyone with a passion or interest in participating in this grass-roots effort to learn, teach, and organize community responders to provide a holistic web of care for persons who struggle with the hidden injuries of war and those who live with and give support to them. We are looking for a flexible, detail-oriented, passionate, and personable candidate who is eager to learn and strengthen the work of development and implementation for The Baptist Home Veterans Care Ministry.

Major Responsibilities:
* Identify and catalog web-based and published resources
* Identify and document statistical data related to veterans/military persons
* Capture stories of combat veterans, prioritizing those who are facing end-of-life resolution
* Help with developing a conceptual model of integrating moral injury interventions with Validation Therapy
* Identify and interview persons (family members, caregivers, service organizations) for veteran care stories
* Identify and interview faith groups and organizations providing veteran care services
* Identify and profile best practices among faith groups and community service organizations that are part of community action networks
* Assist with the creation of presentation content for Veterans Care Ministry to use in 1) awareness building events, and 2) training/networking events
* On occasion, conduct educational presentations on clergy and health care provider collaboration issues
* Data entry and management
* Other duties as assigned

* Interest in collaborative models for developing asset-based community networks
* Interest in outcome-based holistic models of care that address a spectrum of woundedness affecting social, relational, and spiritual life categories
* Interest in and capacity for participating in the collaboration between faith leaders and health care providers
* Interest in community action networks
* The ability to connect with diverse people groups
* Strong written and verbal communication skills
* Strong computer skills and ability to learn new software programs
* Availability for occasional travel to events and meetings

To Apply:
Please submit the MSU Religious Studies internship application along with your cover letter and resume to the Religious Studies office, Strong 251, or to Lora Hobbs, Strong 275.