Contributing Classes

REL 370, Fall 2008

REL 370 Fall 2008

Throughout the Fall 2008 semester of REL 370 (Women and Religion), I watched these students with absolute amazement, delight and gratitude as they worked through hours of human subject research training required by the university, developed their interview plans, learned (and feared) how to operate the recording equipment, brainstormed about the content of the web-site, dealt with interview scheduling (and cancellation) difficulties, and transcribed their interviews for many tedious hours. And after all of that, some plan to continue contributing interviews (and the subsequent materials) in future semesters! Their diligent and passionate, and often courageous, work is showcased throughout this web-site.

Though I anticipate future students (and others) contributing to this site, deepest gratitude and much congratulations goes to this group of students who have given birth to the life of this web-site. Those students include:

Christopher Berry
Jacqueline Bonsee
Katie Brockmeier
Amber Cichon
Sarah Combs
Melinda Finley
Tara Friga
Leah Gilmore

Francois Lariviere
(not pictured)

Kate Graul
Sherri Harrison
Holly Higgins
Ashleigh Hughes
Ramneek Hundal
Ben Johnson
Jenna Kluesner
Sarah Riccardi

Shelby Walpole
(not pictured)

Lacy Lynch
Dustin Mahurin
Gwynne McCauley
Holly Powell-Patrick
Carrie Roberson
Roman Rushing
Kimberly Simiele

REL 370, Fall 2010

REL 370 Fall 2010

Grace Akin
Chelsea Carroll
Amber Cook
Cristina Eck
Paulina Kacprowicz

Victoria Gredvig
(not pictured)

Aleksandra Kinlen
Jessica Loudis
Courtney Peck
Katy Rogers
Joseph Stonecypher

Tarina Greer
(not pictured)

Matthew Stublefield
Cody Wheeler
Emma Wilson

REL 370, Spring 2011

REL 370 Spring 2011

Andreea Balanean
Bailey Bell
Erin Bingham
Ashley Bloxom
William Brawley
Jesse Clem
Sarah Conley
Trisha Counce

Cody Kirby
(not pictured)

Ashley Diaz
Sarah Downey
Jessica Wells
Samantha Fomera
Jaime Gavosto
Kristin Gearhart
Laura Graham
Katelynn James

Kristen Koko
Kayleigh Lambert
Abigail Price
Chelsea Range
Kayla Ream
Madeline Sellers
Hannah Vargas
Shawnna Williams