Religious Lives of Ozarks Women

The Online Archive of the Religious Lives of Ozarks Women

This archive was given birth by a great group of students in REL 370: Women and Religion at Missouri State University in the Fall of 2008. Since that time, three additional groups of students have contributed to this collection (Fall 2010, Spring 2011 and Fall 2012). Some of those students have interviewed additional women, as well! All have been enthusiastic about preserving the stories of many of the women who have contributed , formally and informally, to the rich religious heritage of the Ozarks. The centerpiece of this archive is the digitally recorded and transcribed interviews with women who have experienced and impacted religious life in the Ozarks.

Hard copy materials that duplicate much of what is on this site, as well as materials that are not included on this site, are available in the Archive of the Religious Lives of Ozarks Women in the Meyer Library at Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri.

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