Study Away in Italy: A Booted History of Judaism

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Join us as we travel to Italy in May 2017 for
A Booted History of Judaism!

We'll travel to Rome, Trani, Lecce, and Venice 21-29 May 2017, as part of an "embodied" crash-course about Judaism in its historical developments in the "bel paese," where Jews have lived for the past 2100 years.
This program will allow students who may perceive anything Jewish as part of a distant tradition -- removed from them both temporally and geographically -- to come to appreciate it as an actual component of their own religious and cultural heritage.

Course credit (3 credits) available for:
REL 397, REL 550, REL 655, ITL 297, UHC 350, or IDS 297

Application due 1 Jan 2017
CHPA Study Away Scholarship Application due 1 Dec 2016

Contact Dr. Vadim Putzu or visit the Study Away website for more information

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