Friends Against Hunger and Sole Food Internship

Student Learning Plan for MSU Religious Studies Internship with Friends Against Hunger and Sole Food (Sole Food is a project of Friends Against Hunger)

Not offered in 2017
Application Deadline: NA

The intern's primary work would be with Friends Against Hunger. FAH ( is a nonprofit organization (with no paid staff – all volunteer staff) focused on feeding hungry people in the US and around the world. Their primary food packaging and distribution event is usually in September. Recruiting over 5,000 volunteers from throughout the Ozarks, over ONE MILLION Meals will packaged and prepared to ship. There will be a tremendous amount of prep work from summer into the fall. And, obviously, there will be a tremendous amount of organizational work for the September event and follow-up.

Sole Food is a project of Friends Against Hunger ( – web-site under re-construction!). Sole Food (all volunteers) works with organizations, schools, churches and businesses throughout the Ozarks and beyond to collect unwanted shoes that are shipped to people in developing countries. Sole Food is compensated by the pound through its partnership with Solea Water Projects ( and all of that compensation goes directly to Friends Against Hunger to help fund its meal packaging event. Last year, Sole Food raised over $21,000 through these shoe collections (over 30,000 pound of shoes!). Though shoes are collected throughout the year, the bulk of the SF shoe collections are conducted between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

The intern would work with both of these projects, based on organizational need and intern availability.

Description of Job Duties:

The Internship Supervisors will be Karen Wood, director of Friends Against Hunger, and Lora Hobbs, co-founder of Sole Food. The faculty advisor will be Lora Hobbs, Senior Instructor and Internship Committee Chair for the Department of Religious Studies at MSU. The MSU Department of Religious Studies intern will:

  • Be able to work on a wide variety of tasks with Friends Against Hunger and Sole Food in a positive, teamwork, all volunteer environment.
  • Help plan and carry out FAH’s largest event of the year, which is usually held in Septembe. The intern must be available during this week-end.
    The prep and planning may include recruiting volunteers, preparing materials for the packaging week-end, talking to potential volunteer groups, assisting with mailings.
  • Assist with Sole Food’s shoe collection projects. This may include updating informational materials, recruiting collection sites, assisting collection sites to make their collections simple and fun and meaningful, picking up and processing collected shoes.
  • Work closely with many different organizations, religious groups, schools and businesses.
  • Employ the use of social media, website, and email communications with contacts.
  • Complete an agreed upon research component that may both benefit FAH / SF and intersect with Religious Studies coursework or interests. Options will be discussed with the faculty advisor and internship supervisors.
  • Present research project to FAH and SF organizations and faculty advisor at the end of the semester.


  • keen interest in economic dignity, race equity, social justice
  • relational / conversational skills
  • leadership ability
  • ability and desire to work with people in a variety of settings
  • possess a strong respect and tolerance for a variety of religious and non-religious affiliations
  • strong written and oral communication skills
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • collaborative team player

Additional details:

  • This internship is intended for MSU Religious Studies majors and minors.
  • For the Summer semester:
    40 (1 credit hour) – 80 (2 credit hours) total work hours over the 8 week summer semester.
    For the Fall or Spring semester:
    80 (2 credit hours) – 120 (3 credit hours) total work hours: about 5 - 8 hours/week, but will vary over the course of the semester; specific work hours determined by internship supervisor and intern.
  • Needed: car (insured), cell phone, computer.
  • Availability during the weekend of the food packing/distribution event is essential
  • REL 499: Internship – may be 1 to 3 credit hours (40 work hours/credit hour)
  • This internship offers no financial compensation, but does offer a great work and learning experience that will demonstrate and enhance the intern’s career skills.

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete and submit the Religious Studies Internship Application by the deadline.
  2. The Director of Friends Against Hunger, in conjunction with the faculty advisor, will look over the applications, interview the applicants that seem most qualified, then select the interns (one for summer, one for fall – specify for which you are applying).
  3. Upon selection of the intern, the student and the REL internship advisor will complete the Internship Learning Plan.
  4. Upon approval by the Head of the Department of Religious Studies, the student will be granted permission to register for REL 499: Internship.