Brentwood Christian Church Internship

Student Learning Plan
for MSU Religious Studies Internship
with Brentwood Christian Church

Fall 2017

Application Deadline: April 30, 2017
Contact Dr. Micki Pulleyking

The intern's primary work would be with the Brentwood Christian Church (BCC), a congregation that partners with community organizations ranging from local universities and businesses to non-profits, including churches and religious organizations. BCC founded the Greater Springfield Center for Diversity and Reconciliation (CDR) in 2011. A mission of both BCC and CDR is to promote economic dignity, race equity, social justice and equal rights for all people in the greater Springfield area.

Description of Job Duties:

The MSU Religious Studies Intern will work primarily with Dr. Micki Pulleyking, Religious Studies faculty, and director of student programming at the Brentwood Christian Church through the following:

  • Become familiar with the work of the Center for Diversity and Reconciliation and participate in their monthly meetings, alongside Dr. Phil Snider; and possibly, as time allows, attend the monthly meetings of Interfaith Alliance of the Ozarks, Faith Voices of SW MO (local chapter of MO Faith Voices).
  • Attend a dinner and class each Wednesday evening. The dinners are designed, in part, to reach out to and feed a diverse group of youth affiliated with BCC.
  • Help lead “Life talks” with youth in grades 6-12 after dinner each Wednesday evening. Topics may include but are not limited to communication skills, social justice, equal rights, music, and relationships. The job of the intern would not include promoting any theological doctrines.
  • Create and lead group building activities for the youth on Wednesday evenings and occasionally on weekends.
  • Plan a Community Connection service opportunity each month that could include middle school, high school, and college age students (for example, Rare Breed, Victory Mission, The Kitchen, Convoy of Hope, etc.).
  • Employ the use of social media, website, and email communications with youth and community contacts.
  • Complete an agreed upon research component (for example a study of homelessness in Springfield is a possibility, or research and identify non-Abrahamic faith-based communities in the Ozarks, or assess options for developing diversity training and cultural competency workshops).
  • Present research project to the CDR and the BCC boards at the end of the semester.

Supervisor: Micki Pulleyking


  • keen interest in economic dignity, race equity, social justice and equal rights
  • relational / conversational skills
  • leadership ability
  • ability and desire to work with youth
  • possess a strong respect and tolerance for a variety of religions and faith-based groups
  • strong written and oral communication skills
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • collaborative team player
  • successful completion of a background check

Additional details:

  • This internship is intended for MSU Religious Studies majors and minors.
  • 120 total work hours: about 8 hours/week, but will vary over the course of the semester; specific work hours determined by internship supervisor and intern but it will always include 6:00-8:00 on Wednesday evenings and a 30 minute meeting with Dr. Pulleyking before or after Wednesday evening session.
  • Needed: car (insured), lap-top computer, cell phone
  • Will need to have some availability on weekends for service activities (probably one weekend activity each month). Other times will be determined by research component selected.
  • REL Internship Advisor and Site Supervisor: Micki Pulleyking (
  • 3 credit hours (REL 499: Internship)
  • This internship offers no financial compensation, but does offer a great work and learning experience that will demonstrate and enhance the intern’s career skills.

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete and submit the Religious Studies Internship Application by the application deadline.
  2. The REL Internship Committee will make recommendations to the Brentwood Christian Church.
  3. Dr. Pulleyking will contact the recommended applicant(s) for an interview.
  4. Upon selection of the intern, the student and the REL internship advisor will complete the Internship Learning Plan.
  5. Upon approval by the Head of the Department of Religious Studies, the student will be granted permission to register for REL 499: Internship.