Grading and Class Lists

Refer to the Master Academic Calendar for a complete listing of grading deadlines and other important dates.


Checking and Reporting Non-Attendance of Students

Instructors should check attendance periodically and report students who never attend or stop attending. It is recommended that class lists be checked the first day of classes, the beginning of the second week of classes, at mid-semester, and prior to the last week of classes. By doing so, instructors are proactive in getting students properly enrolled in the correct sections, reminding students of the need to properly drop or withdraw in order to prevent owing fees and receiving failing grades, and complying with federal laws governing financial aid and veterans education.

Students who miss the first two class periods may be dropped by the instructor for non-attendance by completing the Online Instructor Drop/Prerequisite Drop form, available on the Teaching and Advising Tab of My Missouri State.

After the first three weeks of the semester, instructors may no longer submit an Instructor Drop but should complete a Reporting Non-Attendance form, available on the Teaching and Advising Tab of My Missouri State. The Office of the Registrar will attempt to contact the student and encourage them to take the appropriate action.

Students who are attending but are not enrolled should be directed to the department office of the course to seek permission to enroll after the deadline. If permission is granted, the student must bring a completed Change of Schedule form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Grade Change Authorization Form

The Grade Change Authorization form is available on the Teaching and Advising Tab of My Missouri State.

Impact of Missing Grading Deadlines

Final grades are processed the day they are due. Grade processing results in:

  • Grade reports generated
  • Dean's List generated
  • Academic Status (probation, suspension, etc.) determined

Inaccurate or late grades will impact these processes and may also affect academic status, graduation, financial aid, veteran's benefits, athletic participation, etc.

Finalizing/Submitting Rosters

  • Submit grades as early as possible.
  • All grade rosters must be submitted by 2:00 p.m. on the due date (as displayed at the top of the grade roster)
  • Double check to make sure all students have been assigned a grade before you finalize the roster.
  • If a student attended without being enrolled, contact the Office of the Provost to discuss situation and determine whether an exception can be made to allow student to enroll and receive a grade. Exceptions are not automatic and may not be approved.

Mid-semester Grades

Mid-semester grades are required for all 100 and 200 level classes. Faculty are encouraged to provide feedback to all students regarding academic standing prior to the No Penalty Drop (Automatic W Grade) deadline for the class length. Instructors will be notified by email when mid-semester grade rosters are available.

First Block Classes

Grade rosters for first block classes are not available until the end of the full semester. Deadline for submitted grades for first block classes is the same as full semester classes.