Grade Point Average

Op3.04-29 Grade Point Average

Undergraduate and graduate grade point averages are maintained. A student’s Missouri State grade point average is based only on courses completed at Missouri State. A combined grade point average, based on work completed at Missouri State and in transfer, is also maintained by the office of the registrar. This combined grade point average is used in determining a student’s academic standing and eligibility for graduation and scholastic honors at graduation. Refer to the sections on "Academic Status" and "Scholastic Honors" as well as the individual degree and program descriptions for more details on grade point average requirements.

Grade point average is calculated by dividing the total quality points earned by the total credit hours attempted. The semester grade point average is calculated by dividing the quality points earned for the semester by the credit hours attempted for the semester. See "Grading and the Credit Point System" and "Repeat Policy" sections for more details on grade point average calculation. The grade point average of graduate and nondegree-seeking students is based only on graduate level courses (those numbered 600 and above). If a graduate student enrolls in undergraduate courses, grades earned in those courses will be included in the calculation of the undergraduate grade point average.