Degree Works Training Workshops for Faculty/Staff

Hands-On Training Options for Faculty and Staff

In the On-Demand Degree Works Workshops section below, there is a description of various Degree Works related training sessions that have been offered in past semesters.There were initially 25-30 sections of these training sessions offered during the respective semester of implementation. While there is not currently enough demand to offer standard training sessions on a regular basis, we are glad to offer these training sessions as needed. These sessions are designed to be 60-90 minutes. There are a couple of ways that we can provide these sessions on-demand:

  1. We can arrange for individual or small group (4-5 attendees) trainings to be offered in the Office of the Registrar (Carrington 320). Contact Nathan Hoff (Associate Registrar-Degree Programs and Advicement Support) to schedule a session.
  2. We can arrange for larger departmental/college/office training to be offered in a computer lab hands-on setting or auditorium demonstration setting. Contact Nathan Hoff (Associate Registrar-Degree Programs and Advicement Support) to schedule a session.

We are also glad to arrange for an individual faculty/staff appointment as needed for general troubleshooting or questions.

On-Demand Degree Works Workshops

Below are the descriptions of three Degree Works workshops offered by the Office of the Registrar from fall 2015-fall 2016.

Degree Works - How To Read The Degree Audit

This session is designed for faculty and staff who use the degree audit system in communication with students. Participants in this class will learn the basics of reading the degree audit. Participants will also learn about a few of the new features found within the Degree Works audit. This is an interactive training where participants will work in the live Degree Works audit system.

Degree Works - Degree Audit Exception Processing

This session is designed only for those authorized for exception authority as it relates to course substitution/waiver/approval authority. In addition to be someone who has this authority, participants in this session should already be comfortable with reading the Degree Works degree audit prior to attending this session as this exception processing session requires a working knowledge of how to read the Degree Works degree audit.

Degree Works- Student Educational Planner

This training session is designed for advisors and administrators who will be working with students to build advisement plans in the new Student Educational Planner (SEP). SEP is a part of the Degree Works suite that allows an advisor to build an advisement plan by semester. Training will be hands-on in a computer lab setting. Attendees will learn how to build a basic plan from the beginning, use the supplied general education template, and learn about many features such as planner notes, on-track/off-track plan tracking, and plan validation using a side-by-side audit/planner view.

Be sure to review the Degree Works Training Resources for additional training information.