Class Schedule Roll

Summer and Fall Roll occurs November 1st.

Spring Roll occurs June 1st.


Banner Fields that will continue to roll:

CRN Subject Course Number
Short Title Section Number CrossList Code and Setup
Campus (S, X, Y, Z, etc.) Active or Held Status Schedule Type (LEC, LAB, CMB)
Instructional Method (TRAD, INET, Etc.) Special Approval (Permission) Part Of Term
Credit, Billing, and Contact Hours Linking Codes Gradable Field
Seats Available Section Comments *Course Restrictions
*Co-Requisites *CAPP Area Prerequisites *Degree Attribute Codes
*Supplemental Course Fees    

*These fields are managed by Office of the Registrar and not entered by department/builder.

Only classes that are active or held, and that are built with a standard part of term (full semester, first block, second block or intersession for spring and fall, and sessions 1, 2, 3, 4 or intersession for summer) will roll forward. Any sections that have catalog changes will continue to not roll forward.

After the roll process occurs, class schedule builders can begin working on their classes for that coming term, including adding meeting days and times, instructors, and building/room information to those courses.

Schedule builders should NOT build sections in Banner until the Office of the Registrar notifies them that the schedule roll is complete.