Speech and Theatre Education


Speech and Theatre Education

Bachelor of Science in Education (Certifiable grades 9-12)
  1. General Education Program and Requirements
    Specific General Education Requirements: COM 115(3); MED 120(3)

  2. Major Requirements (54 hours)
    Students interested in teaching speech and theatre at the secondary level may choose one of two options: One option emphasizes theatre (see below) and the other emphasizes communication (see Department of Communication). Both options meet state certification requirements for Speech and Theatre Education.

    1. Core: COM 322(3), 532(3), 534(3), 536(2); THE 130(3), 150(2), 151(1), 222(3), 323(3), 430(3); MED 120(3)

    2. Theatre Option: THE 122(3), 224(1), 250(2), 251(1), 255(2), 256(1), 260(2), 261(1), 530(3), 541(3), 542(3); THE 505(3) or 506(3) or 515(3)

    3. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of THE 491(6).

  3. Professional Education Courses. Note: A grade of “C” or better in each course is required for state certification.

    1. THE 417(3), THE 490(6), THE 491(6)

    2. Professional Education Required Core and Competencies - see Teacher Education Program

  4. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

  5. This program also requires compliance with the Teacher Education Program for eligibility to enroll in Professional Education courses; admission to and continuance in the Teacher Education Program; approval for supervised teaching; and recommendation for certification which includes following GPA requirements. All GPA requirements include both Missouri State and transfer grades.           

    1. at least a 2.75 GPA on all course work attempted at all colleges attended
    2. at least a 3.00 GPA in the certificate subject area (major field of study) which includes all courses listed under B
    3. at least a 3.00 GPA in any additional certificate subject area
    4. at least a 3.00 GPA in the professional education courses which includes all courses listed under C; and no grade lower than a "C" in all professional education courses