Public Relations


Public Relations (Non-Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

This major is designed for students who wish to enter public relations, employee relations, and other related fields.

Admission requirements

All majors in the Department of Communication must satisfy the following requirements before they can be admitted to the program. 

  1. Complete a minimum of 59 credit hours.
  2. Complete the General Education Foundations courses.
  3. Have a combined grade point average (Missouri State and transfer) of 2.50 or higher or have a GPA of 2.75 for the last 30 hours of courses completed before applying for admission to the degree program.
  4. Complete COM 115, COM 209, and MED 120 with a GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  5. Complete any additional admission requirements for selected emphasis or major.
  6. Submit application for admission and receive approval by faculty advisor and Head of the Department of Communication.

A student must meet these requirements by the time he/she has completed 90 hours of courses (Missouri State and transfer) to be admitted to the program. No waiver of these requirements will be granted except that transfer students transferring 90 hours or more will be allowed one semester to complete the departmental core courses after transferring to Missouri State.

Additional admission requirements

Applicants must submit a letter grade for COM 115(3), COM 209(3), MED 120(3) and JRN 270(3). A grade point average of 2.50 or higher must be achieved across these 12 hours.

Program requirements

Students pursuing a second option in the BA and BS Communication degree (non-comprehensive) must complete a minimum of 9 credit hours not counted as requirements on any major option. The additional major option cannot be used to satisfy the requirement of a minor or additional major. 

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
    Specific General Education Requirements: COM 115(3), MED 120(3)
  2. Major Requirements (48 hours)
    1. Departmental Core (3 hours): COM 209(3)
    2. Public Relations Core: COM 210(3), 309(3), 336(3), 379(3), 439(3), 449(course deleted-see advisor), 509(3); and 3 additional hours from COM 495(3) or 550(3) or 509(3)
    3. Publishing Design and Technologies: 6 hours from JRN 477(3), JRN 478(3), MED 365(3), MED 390(3), ENG 373(3)
    4. Relational Communication: 3 hours from COM 205(3) or other appropriate COM course selected in consultation with advisor
    5. Advocacy and Rhetoric: COM 350(3) and 3 hours from COM 315(3) or 322(3) or 328(3)
    6. Writing: JRN 270(3); and ENG 321(3) or JRN 370(3) or JRN 374(3)
    7. COM 499(0)
    8. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of COM 350(3). COM 495 and COM 322 are optional.

  3. Minor Required (or second major)
  4. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

Accelerated graduate program in Communication

Eligible Missouri State undergraduate students may apply for admission to the Communication program and begin taking graduate course work as they complete the work for a bachelor’s degree. A maximum of 12 hours of graduate credit may be counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree (Mixed Credit). Refer to the Graduate Catalog for specific admission requirements.

Refer to Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Classes for additional information and procedures for obtaining permission for Mixed Credit.