Journalism (Non-Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

Departmental admission requirements

All students majoring in the Department of Media, Journalism & Film (except for those seeking a major in Electronic Arts) must satisfy the following requirements before they can be admitted to the program. (In most cases, these requirements should be met by the time the student has completed 75 hours of coursework.)

  1. Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours.
  2. Have a combined grade point average (Missouri State and transfer) of 2.30 or higher.
  3. Complete COM 115 and ENG 110.
  4. Complete the following departmental preadmission core courses and the appropriate major-specific course with at least a C- in each of these courses.
    1. Departmental preadmission core: MED 120(3), 130(3), 220(3)
    2. Required major-specific course:
      Journalism major - JRN 270(3)
      Non-Comprehensive Mass Media major - MED 274(3)
      Comprehensive Mass Media major - MED 365(3)
  5. Achieve a combined GPA of 2.70 or higher across any three of the four preadmission courses (MED 120(3), MED 130(3), MED 220(3), and the appropriate major-specific course). To achieve the 2.70 GPA, a student may retake any of these courses only once and may retake no more than two of these courses.
  6. Submit application for admission and receive approval by faculty advisor and Head of the Department of Media, Journalism & Film.


Departmental majors may not take a second major within the department.

Specific admission requirements

A student must achieve a combined GPA of 2.70 or higher across any three of the four preadmission courses [MED 120(3), MED 130(3), MED 220(3) and JRN 270(3)] along with a combined GPA of 2.30 or higher to be admitted to this major.

Program requirements

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
    Specific General Education Requirement: MED 120(3)
  2. Major Requirements (48 hours)
    1. Departmental Preadmission Core: MED 130(3), 220(3)
    2. Departmental Required Courses: MED 304(3), 581(3); JRN 407(3)
    3. Journalism Core: JRN 270(3), 595(3)
    4. Writing: JRN 370(3), 381(3)
    5. Reporting: JRN 388(3), 572(3)
    6. Performance: JRN 384(3)
    7. Convergence and Technology Expertise: JRN 478(3); select 3 hours from JRN 476(3) or 481(3)
    8. Capstone Experience: select 3  hours from JRN 374(3), 375(3), 376(3), 592(3)
    9. Select 3 hours from MED 355(3), 390(3), or any JRN course
    10. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of MED 581(3).
  3. Minor required. Note: No course may count for both the Journalism major and the minor.
  4. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements



Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. JRN 270(3), 407(3)

  2. 12 hours of elective JRN courses to bring total hours in minor to at least 18 hours.

Accelerated graduate program in Communication

Eligible Missouri State undergraduate students may apply for admission to the Communication program and begin taking graduate course work as they complete the work for a bachelor’s degree. A maximum of 12 hours of graduate credit may be counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree (Mixed Credit). Refer to the Graduate Catalog for specific admission requirements.

Refer to Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Classes for additional information and procedures for obtaining permission for Mixed Credit.