Health Services


Health Services (Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

The comprehensive major in Health Services is an interdisciplinary program designed to:

  • Provide allied health professionals with associate degrees or certificates opportunities for professional growth, preparation for leadership positions, and career advancement;
  • Provide a foundation for those who plan to enter the workforce as a non-clinical healthcare professional; or
  • Provide a foundation for those who wish to progress into non-clinical graduate programs

Admission Requirements

Formal admission to the Health Services major requires completion of at least 30 hours of coursework, completion of IPE 375(3) with a grade of "C" or better, and a combined (Missouri State and transfer) GPA of 2.75 or higher. Students who fail to meet GPA requirements when a minimum of 75 credit hours have been earned will not be permitted to continue in the major.

Program Requirements

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
    Specific General Education requirement: PSY 121(3)

  2. Major Requirements (65-83 hours)

    1. Interprofessional Leadership Core (30 hours): IPE 375(3), IPE 381(3), IPE 382(3), IPE 470(3), IPE 475(3), IPE 575(3), IPE 576(3); HCM 301(3) or HCM 303(3); MGT 340(3); NUR 515(3)

    2. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of IPE 375(3).
    3. Required Option: Select one of the following:

      1. Clinical Services Option (30-53 hours): Completion of an accredited allied health associate degree/certificate program. Professional/clinical coursework must have been completed through an accredited institution in order to be applied to the degree requirements. Professional/clinical coursework will be evaluated for transfer credit on an individual basis. A maximum of 53 hours can be applied toward this degree.

      2. Health Services Option (35-36 hours): IPE 376(3) or IPE 377(3); IPE 378(3), IPE 379(3), SWK 595(3); BMS 599(3) or SWK 599(3); and complete courses from one of the following emphasis areas:

        1. Science Reasoning emphasis: BMS 110(3), BMS 111(1), BMS 230(3), BMS 240(3), BMS 307(4), BMS 308(4), LLT 102(2)

        2. Administrative Services emphasis: ACC 201(3), CIS 200(3), ECO 155(3), ECO 165(3); HCM 301(3) or HCM 303(3); HCM 504(3); MKT 350(3) or LAW 531(3) 

        3. Human Services emphasis: COM 521(3); NUR 502(3) or SWK 502(3); PSY 304(3) or SOC 341(3); REL 368(3) or REL 378(3); SOC 152(3), SWK 219(3); SWK 543(3) or SOC 430(3) or ENG 570(3)

  3. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements