Gerontology (Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science
  1. General Education Program and Requirements
    The following prerequisite courses will meet General Education requirements: COM 115(3); PLS 101(3); PSY 121(3); BIO 101(3) and 111(1), or BMS 100(3), or BMS 110(3) and 111(1).

  2. Major Requirements

    1. Prerequisite for required courses for Gerontology major: none

    2. Core courses for Gerontology major:

      1. Substantive Aging Courses: GER 310/SOC 375(3); GER 380(3); GER 470/SWK470(3); PSY 365(3), 451(3)

      2. Research Methods Course: PSY 203(3) or PSY 302(3) or SOC 301(3) or another course approved by advisor

      3. Communication Skills Course: COM 332(3) or 390(3) or 405(3) or another course approved by advisor

      4. Statistics Course: AGR 330(3) or MTH 340(3) or PSY 200(3) or QBA 237(3) or REC 328(3) or SOC 302(3) or another course approved by advisor

      5. Health Sciences Course: BMS 130(3) or 240(3) or 310(3) or COM 507(3) or another course focusing on issues of physical health and wellness selected by the student with advisor approval

    3. Other required courses: GER 598(3-12), Supervised Practicum in Gerontology and GER 599(3), Seminar in Gerontology

    4. Electives to complete comprehensive major: 6 hours of GER or PSY designated courses related to aging issues with another 3 hours selected by the student with advisor approval

    5. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of GER 598(3-12) and GER 599(3).
  3. Electives to complete 120 hours. Students are encouraged to use these hours to complete another major or minor.

  4. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements



Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Social Work
  1. Required Core Courses: GER 380(3); and two of the following courses: GER 310/SOC 375(3); PSY 365(3), PSY 451(3)

  2. Complete an additional 9 hours of elective courses chosen from the following with approval of the program coordinator or delegate to bring total hours in minor to at least 18 hours: GER 300(1); GER 310/SOC 375(3)*; GER 320/PSY 354(3); GER 365/CFD 365/PSY 366/SWK 365(3); GER 396(1-3); GER 397(1-3); GER 597(1-3); PSY 309(3); PSY 363(3); PSY 365(3)*; PSY 451(3)*; COM 390(3); KIN 567(3); or another approved course. 
    *Counts in elective hours if not taken as a "required" core course.