Law and Society, The


Law and Society, The

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Administration of the program

Courses must be approved by the faculty of the Law and Society Committee for inclusion in the minor.

The Law and Society Minor is a 21-hour program of study with nine credit hours required in the core and an additional 12 hours of designated electives. No more than two courses with the same course prefix will count toward the minor.

  1. Core Courses: PHI 340(3), SOC 380(3); PLS 515(3) or 517(3).

  2. 12 hours from: AGB 314(3), ECO 435(3), JRN 407(3), LAW 231(3), LAW 537(3), PHI 345(3), PLN 570(3); CRM 210(3) or PSY 320(3).