Academic Status

Op3.04-3 Academic Status

The following policy applies to undergraduate students based on their undergraduate grade point averages (GPA).*

Good standing

A student who has both a cumulative Missouri State and a combined (Missouri State and transfer) GPA of at least 2.00 is considered to be in good standing. Students not in good standing will be placed on academic probation or suspension.


Any student with a cumulative Missouri State or a combined GPA of less than 2.00 is on probation unless placed on academic suspension (see below). 

The purpose of academic probation is to remind students that the quality of their cumulative academic work is unsatisfactory. Students on probation must have an advisor release prior to registering for classes. Additionally, students on probation may be ineligible for participation in organizations or activities and may be ineligible for financial aid. Students on probation are encouraged to take advantage of the resources offered by the University to ensure their academic success.


A student who enters a semester on academic probation and fails to earn a semester GPA of 2.00 or higher will be suspended unless s/he has both a cumulative MSU GPA and a combined (Missouri State and transfer) GPA of 2.00 or higher at the end of the semester. Additionally, a student who earns a semester GPA less than 1.00 and, as a result, has a Missouri State or combined GPA of less than 2.00, will be suspended unless the dean of the college of the student’s major determines that there are circumstances which warrant an exception. Individual deans establish the process by which such exceptions will be considered.

After an initial suspension, students must remain out for at least one full semester (not including summer) to be eligible for reinstatement. Students who have been suspended two or more times must remain out for at least one full year prior to being eligible for reinstatement.


Reinstatement procedures are determined by the deans and the Office of Admissions. Information regarding the procedure is available from the Office of Admissions. Reinstatement is not an automatic process. Students must be approved for reinstatement by the dean of the college under which they plan to return.

*Students whose last semester of attendance was prior to fall 2010 should refer to the catalog in effect for that semester.