About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to provide quality support services to students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and other constituents of the University. As part of this mission, our primary goal is to ensure the accuracy, integrity, and security of academic records. The Office of the Registrar supports the University's mission to develop educated individuals by interpreting, communicating, and enforcing academic policies and procedures for the benefit of the entire University community. Exemplifying the public affairs mission of the University, we strive for excellence in everything we do and are committed to making a difference in the lives of others by creating a work environment based on integrity, service, and inclusiveness. To maintain the highest possible level of efficiency and effectiveness, we will challenge ourselves to continuously examine the way we deliver services and information.

Organizational Chart

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management/Registrar

Rob Hornberger

Dr. Rob Hornberger
RobHornberger@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-5520

  • Provides senior-level analysis, support, and recommendations related to the enrollment management effort
  • Overall supervision, leadership, and management of the Office of the Registrar, including Veterans Student Services
  • Works closely with faculty and administrators in developing and implementing changes to policies, procedures, and systems affecting enrollment management efforts and registrar functions.
  • Family Education and Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) point of contact
  • Manages Office of the Registrar budgets and expenditures
  • Represents Office of the Registrar, Enrollment Services, and Student Affairs on permanent and ad hoc committees

Associate Registrar-Degree Programs and Advisement Support

Nathan Hoff

Nathan Hoff
NathanHoff@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-5520

  • Oversees degree audit scribing, troubleshooting, and training
  • Primary Office of the Registrar athletic compliance official
  • Oversees advisement support programs and cross-functional initiatives such as Projected Course Offerings, Proactive Registration, Bear Return, and DG/DX hold application
  • Assists faculty, staff, and administrators with graduation-related academic policy questions
  • Assists departments working with degree completion students returning after an extended absence
  • Currently the functional lead on Degree Works implementation

Associate Registrar-Operations

Photo of Rebecca Harbaugh

Rebecca Harbaugh
RebeccaHarbaugh@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-5520

  • Coordination of office operations and training
  • Oversees the University graduation clearance and diploma mailing processes
  • Manages the refund exception appeal process
  • Coordinates cross-functional office initiatives such as document imaging and transcript ordering
  • Family Education and Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) point of contact

Assistant Registrar-Records and Registration

Shannon Holt

Shannon Holt
ShannonHolt@missouristate.edu | 417-836-5520

  • Oversees records functions such as grading, transcript production, enrollment verification, and academic processing
  • Oversees registration functions including course schedule building, and registration-related fees
  • Coordinates of policy, procedural, and system related issues/initiatives related to records and registration
  • Assists in maintaining, troubleshooting, and enhancing the University’s data management and related student systems
  • Manages the drop appeal process
  • Currently the functional lead on Banner XE functions related to the Office of the Registrar, electronic transcript exchange, and wait-listing

Business Process and Reporting Analyst

Natalie Seever

Natalie Seever
NatalieSeever@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-5520

  • Analyzes Office of the Registrar processes to identify/recommend efficiency improvements
  • Designs, supports, and tests system development to address OR functional needs
  • Provides Office of the Registrar and Enrollment Services customers with data including the development of queries and reports
  • Provides system training to Office of the Registrar users
  • Serves as a liaison between Office of the Registrar and Computer Services

Office of the Registrar Coordinator

Misty Bowen

Misty Bowen
MistyBowen@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-3766

  • Coordinates the Refund Exception process
  • Manages the University scholastic honors processing
  • Coordinates the University graduation clearance process, commencement, and application to graduate system
  • Production of the University Commencement Program
  • Coordinates the National Student Clearinghouse administration
  • Assists with Degree Works scribing and athletic eligibility verification
  • Primary contact for projected course offerings

Office of the Registrar Coordinator

Katrina Chavez
KChavez@MissouriState.Edu | 417-836-4615
  • Coordinates the Office of the Registrar web and social media
  • Manages the academic calendar and refund schedule
  • Coordinates registration functions, including waitlisting and trial schedule builder
  • Primary contact for class schedule building and finals schedule

Office of the Registrar Coordinator

Photo of Kimberly Strope

Kimberly Strope
KimberlyStrope@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-4899

  • Coordinates records processing, including grade changes and improper repeats
  • Administrates the academic renewal process
  • Manages student academic standing process
  • Coordinates Proactive Registration and Bear Return
  • Coordinates the Drop Appeal process
  • Manages course substitutions/waiver/approval processing

Academic Records Specialists

All Academic Records Specialists (ARS) work as a front-line resource for answering basic student questions in-person, by email, and by phone for such items as transcript, registration, enrollment verification, and graduation assistance. The ARS is the primary processor of student administrative requests. Each ARS has areas of expertise.

Erin Carson

Erin Carson
ErinCarson@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-5419

  • Graduation application processing and deficiency review
  • Course substitutions/waiver/approval processing
  • Diploma printing
  • Major/minor changes
Marty Harris

Marty Harris
MWHarris@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-6642

  • Registration
  • Registration-related billing questions
  • Address Changes
  • Study Away, high school dual credit, and enrollment tracking registration and grading
  • Consortium agreements
Photo of Edgar Martinez

Edgar Martinez Hernandez
EdgarMartinez@MissouriState.edu| 417-836-6638

  • Address changes
  • Name changes
  • Graduation application processing and deficiency review
  • Course substitutions/waiver/approval processing
  • Major/minor changes
  • Document management
Dorothy Morton

Dorothy Morton (part-time)
DorothyMorton@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-4307

  • Registration
  • Transcript requests
  • Enrollment Verification Letters
Erica Robertson
EricaRobertson@MissouriState.edu| 417-836-6336
  • Address changes
  • Graduation application processing and deficiency review
  • Major/minor changes
  • Registration
  • Study Away
  • Transcript Requests-specialized

Administrative Specialist II

Sherry Bailey
SherryBailey@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-4510

  • Primary transcript processing coordinator
  • Coordinates vault operations for academic records stored on microfilm/microfiche transcript processing
  • National Student Clearinghouse verification

Administrative Assistant II

April Wood
AprilWood@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-6640

  • Office of the Registrar administrative office manager
  • Supervises student employees and processes student payroll
  • Special projects assigned by the Registrar
  • Coordinates the Office of the Registrar communication

Assistant to the Registrar

Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson (part-time)
LindaJohnson@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-4310

  • Coordinates production of the undergraduate catalog
  • Maintains the Curricular Proposal Tracking System used to monitor the progress/approval of University curricular proposals
  • Maintains program of study codes
  • Maintains course records and prerequisites

Veterans Student Services

Director of Veterans Student Services


  • Coordinates overall management of Veterans Student Services
  • Provides information to the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding education benefit certification
  • Coordinates federal and state tuition assistance programs and state/University benefit programs for veterans
  • Meets with veterans to provide guidance on various veterans issues and inquiries

Military/Veterans Transition Coordinator

Photo of Raeleen Ziegler

C. Raeleen Ziegler
RZiegler@MissouriState.edu| 417-836-6199

  • Directs veterans recruiting events and activities, include visits to military units, college fairs, community presentations, campus events and visits.
  • Prepares outreach information (flyers, newsletters, etc) for internal and external distribution
  • Implements and assesses the success of programs increasing military and veteran enrollment
  • Analyzes enrollment reports to direct recruitment and outreach efforts
  • Provides training and consultation for campus constituents related to veterans and active military students

School Certifying Specialist

Photo of Tamera Johnston

Tamara Johnston
TJohnston@MissouriState.edu | 417-836-6199

  • Processes all benefit programs as they relate to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Helps coordinate all aspects of the certification process, and work with students to ensure timely benefit processing