Schedule Building FAQs

When can sections be created or changed in SSASECT?

See the Class Schedule Building Deadlines for specific dates for Early Construction Period and Late Construction Period

When do I need to contact the Office of the Registrar to make changes to a section?

After registration begins, you must contact the Office of the Registrar if you need to change any of the fields below. Changes to these fields will either be locked due to enrollment in the section or will change the fees associated with the section. These types of section changes do not automatically update the already enrolled students’ records or accounts. The Office of the Registrar must manually make the adjustments.

  • Campus – Springfield Campus will always have student services fees associated
  • Instructional Method – INET, INT1, INT2, have special fees
  • Credit and Billing hours – must always match
  • Part of Term
  • Schedule Type

How do I delete a section of a course?

  • Before the schedule posts to the web, from the main page of SSASECT, perform a Record-Remove.
  • After the schedule posts to the web, but before registration, record-remove the instructor (save), record remove the meeting times (save), set the “Status” to “D.”
  • After the schedule posts to the web and students have enrolled, notify the enrolled students and Office of the Registrar to drop the students and put the section on hold. OTR will notify you when this is complete so you can record-remove the instructor (save) and set the “Status” to “D.”

How do I change the days and/or time of a section?

Record-remove the instructor (save), then change the days and/or time (save). Reenter your instructor.

When do I need to enter a section comment?

Section comments should provide specific section information to students (e.g. “class meets Jan 18, Feb 5, Mar 11, and Apr 28” or “schedule section 2 with section A”).

I scheduled a section and got a room conflict message. What do I do?

If this is a cross-listed course, you may override the room conflict. Otherwise you will need to find another room.

Who do I contact for Banner Class Schedule Building training?

Office of the Registrar, 836-5520