Campus Codes and How They Impact Fees

When to use “S” – Springfield MO

The (S) – Springfield campus code is the only campus that charges Student Services Fees.

This campus if used for classes taught in a traditional or blended format, that meet on the Springfield campus more than four times (with the exception of intersession classes – see below).

When to use “Y” – Springfield MO (no SSF)

Student Services Fees (SSF) should not be assessed for sections that have one of the following:

  • Length/Part of Term
    Intersession = use campus code “Y” (Springfield, No SSF)
  • Class Meeting
    If a class will be meeting on the Springfield campus four or less times, then the class must be set to not charge SSF, by selecting campus code “Y.”
    If a class meets only on the weekends (F, F-S, S-U, S, U) use campus code “Y.”

When to use “Z” – Off Campus

Any instructional method other than TRAD (traditional), BLND (blended), INET (Internet - Other), INT1 (Internet - MS in CIS Program), and INT2 (Internet - MS in AS program) should use either campus code “Y” or “Z” (off campus)

Important note

After registration begins, you must contact the Office of the Registrar if you need to change any of the fields below. Changing these fields will change the fees charged, but will not update the fees for anyone already enrolled. The Office of the Registrar must make the fee adjustments for these students.

  • Campus
  • Instructional Method
  • Credit and Billing hours

Additional fields that impact fees

The following fields are only used by the Office of the Registrar.

  • Tuition and Fee waiver box - NEVER CHECK THIS BOX
  • Certain Degree Program Attributes (example: designating COBA & CHHS rates and BearNet campus rates)