Preparing for Your Massage

To prepare for your massage be sure to eat a light meal or snack prior to arriving so you are not distracted during your session. Due to close contact, our massage therapist would appreciate if each client be aware of their personal hygiene prior to the appointment.

Your massage therapist will meet you at the Welcome Desk on the main floor of the Foster Recreation Center. Before starting your massage, you will be required to complete a short health history. This will help your massage therapist tailor a massage specific to your needs. You and your massage therapist will then briefly discuss what you are looking for in your session and how that may be achieved.

Once in the massage room, the massage therapist will exit, allowing time and privacy so you may undress to your level of comfort. A clean sheet and blanket will be provided so you may cover yourself after lying on the table. The massage therapist will knock and enter to begin the session.

Your massage time is yours. Whether you want to talk or relax by getting lost in the soft music, the massage therapist will follow your lead. Keep in mind, communication is key to a great massage. If you need lighter or more intense pressure, let your massage therapist know so it can be adjusted to find one that will meet your needs. During your session, your body will remain covered with the sheet except for the part that is being massaged.

At the conclusion of your massage, the massage therapist will exit the room to allow you to change into your clothes. When finished, you may exit.

After the massage, it is important to drink water to hydrate your body and help flush out the toxins that have been released.

Gratuities are appreciated but not required.