Campus competition

Intramural sports leagues provide you with the opportunity to play your favorite sport in weekly games. Most seasons include a playoff system to select a winner for each semester of play.

Each sport offers women’s, men’s and coed leagues, except for ultimate Frisbee. Within each league, you can play in either the Just for Fun or the Top Gun division depending on the competition level you desire.

League details

Registering your team is quick and easy.

You must be on your team's roster on IMLeagues before you are eligible to participate in your first game. You may play on one same gender team and one coed team per sport per season.

Captains must complete an online quiz through IMLeagues.

Be sure to check IMLeagues for up-to-date information and/or game changes.

Captain Information

Team captains are asked to register their team through imleagues.com, and complete an online quiz before their registration can be completed.


Sportsmanship points

Sportsmanship points—given on a zero to five scale with five being the highest—are awarded to each team based on their conduct during any intramural contest. Teams are required to receive an average of four sportsmanship points per game to be eligible for playoffs.

Player ejection

If a player is ejected from a game due to poor conduct, an ejection slip reminder will be given to the team captain of the ejected player. The captain will give the form to the player and inform him or her to meet with the coordinator of intramural sports.

The team will be ineligible to participate until the player meets with an appointed Campus Recreation staff member. The player will also not be allowed to participate in any intramural activity until he or she has had this meeting.