Champion Awards

The pursuit of excellence

Intramural teams compete for championship status through playoffs and/or use of a point system. Teams get points throughout the year for participation, achievement and sportsmanship. Teams with the best records may be recognized in a variety of ways, including T-shirts and plaques.

In addition, awards for both the outstanding Intramural Sports Man and Woman of the Year are presented at the end of spring semester.

Intramural Championship Teams of the Year

The performance of each intramural team is tracked throughout the year across a number of sports each semester. Those teams with the best records accumulate the most points and get the honor of being recognized for their achievements.

Intramural team divisions

MenWomenCoedResidence Hall
Independent Men Independent Women Independent Coed Residence Hall of the Year
Fraternity Sorority    

Point distribution

Award winners from each division will be determined by the point system below:

Intramural sports point system
Participation 50 points
1st place in regular season league 30 points
2nd place in regular season league 20 points
1st place in playoffs 50 points
2nd place in playoffs 40 points
Forfeit -25 points
Ejected player -25 points


  • Points will be awarded for all league sports.
  • If an organization is represented by more than one team, points will be awarded based on the team with the best record.
  • For an accurate determination of winners, teams are encouraged to use the same team name across all sports. If your team plays under different names for the sports listed above, it is you responsibility to notify campus recreation, so that points are awarded accordingly.

Outstanding Intramural Sports Man and Woman of the Year

These two awards will be presented at the end of the spring semester at the STAR Awards reception. Award winners will be determined by attitude, cooperation, enthusiasm, loyalty, sportsmanship and representation of the overall intramural sports Program. Nominations will be accepted from and voted on by intramural sports staff.

Legacy Cup and MSU Cup

In the summer of 2005, the Legacy Cup was established as an All Campus Championship—a way for the Independent Champions and the Greek Champions to find out who is the best of the best. Each fall the Legacy Cup will be decided by a flag football game and each spring by a basketball game. The winners will earn the right to have their names engraved on the Legacy Trophy, so that they may share their legacy of dominance with all those who follow.

The spring of 2009 established the MSU Cup—an all campus championship for soccer. The men’s independent champion played the fraternity champion for the all campus championship title. This game will be played each spring semester and will expand to women’s leagues once enough teams are available for separate sorority and women’s divisions.