Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facility hours?

Foster Recreation Center Hours*
Day(s) Hours
Monday - Thursday 6 am - 11 pm
Friday 6 am - 9 pm
Saturday 9 am - 9 am
Sunday Noon - 11 pm
*Hours will vary during holidays and breaks. See our reduced hours for more information.

When can I purchase memberships and services?

The Welcome Desk is open the entire time the FRC is open. You may purchase memberships, locker rentals, personal training sessions, BearFit passes, massage therapy, swim lessons and more at the Welcome Desk . You may also step into the business office from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays to pay for reservations.

All membership pricing and descriptions can be found on our Membership Types and Rates page.

I won’t be enrolled in classes this summer. Do I still get access to the FRC?

Students who are not enrolled in classes over the summer but took classes in the previous spring semester can purchase summer memberships to the FRC. The pricing for non-enrolled students is $18/month or $45 for the entire summer.

Does my FRC membership include access to the pool?

Yes, your FRC membership includes access to the Aquatics Center. The Aquatics Center is open year round for lap swimming, leisure, spa and sauna use, and more. Patrons can access the Aquatics Center by swiping their BearPass or FRC membership card at the Welcome Desk and then walking through the locker rooms on the lower level.

What does the pool offer?

Our large recreational pool has lap lanes, underwater seating with hydrotherapy jets, a water-current channel for walking and therapy, a zip line, LED lights, volleyball, basketball and wheelchair accessibility. In the Hutchens Family Aquatic Center, you will also find a spa in the pool area and a sauna.

How many laps equal a mile on the indoor jogging track?

6.5 laps = 1 mile

Will my payroll deduction membership renew automatically?

Yes, your payroll deduction membership is continuous each month until you fill out a cancellation form at the FRC. To complete the cancellation form, stop by the FRC Welcome Desk with your BearPass Card. All cancellations require at least 30 days notice.

Who controls the music in the FRC?

The FRC music is currently on a satellite system that includes an assortment of music channels to choose from and is controlled by FRC staff. A rotating schedule of different music channels is what determines what station is played when.

How do I clean off the equipment when I’m finished using it?

There are “sanitation stations” located throughout the cardio and weight floors. Please use a towel from one of these stations, spray the towel and then wipe down the machine after use. Please do not spray the equipment directly.

Can I get towel service without purchasing a locker?

Yes, you can purchase daily towel service for $1 or $10 for a semester. Visit the Welcome Desk for more information.

Can I get in without my BearPass by looking up my M#?

Yes, we can look up an M#.  We do allow access three times from Jan - June and three times July - Dec without a BearPass Card.  After the third time per half year, you will be charged a guest rate of $5 for entrance into the facility.

Can I check out equipment to use on the FRC Courts and Multi-Activities Court (MAC)?

Yes, all FRC patrons are allowed to checkout with his/her BearPass card the following items at the Welcome Desk: sports balls, table tennis, badminton equipment, and X-Box games. All other equipment is now available at the Facility Attendant desks on the first and second floor. If you have any questions please ask the Welcome Desk Attendants at the Welcome Desk for more information.

When is the Sauna Open during all pool hours?

The sauna is open only during the Pool Hours.

Can I rent camping equipment, tents, canoes, sleeping bags, yard games, etc.? Where and when?

Yes, all FRC members are allowed to rent equipment from the Outdoor Adventures Resource Center located on the lower level of the FRC near the climbing wall. Here are some items you could rent for your next outdoor adventures: Tents (2,4, 6 person), sleeping bags, sleeping pad, stove, canoe, kayak, tarp, flashlight, cooler, climbing helmet, climbing shoes, crash pad, backpack, washer game, ladder golf, horseshoe set, climbing shoes, chalk bag, and harness. To reserve equipment, call Outdoor Adventures at 417-836-5334 or stop by the office in the FRC.