Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team

Women's Ultimate Team Contact Information

Club President - Kristen Keeney - keeney005@live.missouristate.edu

Club Vice President - Kayley Brandon - brandon28@live.missouristate.edu

Club Advisor  - Abbe Ehlers - abbeehlers@missouristate.edu

Enjoy the competitive, fun, and challenging game of ultimate frisbee at Missouri State University! The Women's Ultimate Frisbee club is a group of competitive girls who practice every week, go to tournaments all around the Midwest, and have fun on the weekends! If you have ever been interested in joining a club sport, this is your chance. The Women's Ultimate Frisbee club does not require any previous experience. The team will have a table at the New Student Festival on August 21st for any students interested in joining or would like to get more information.

Here is what some girls have said about the Women's Ultimate Frisbee club.

“Honestly I think frisbee was the best thing that I found this year. Finding the team really helped me make friends.”

“I came to school knowing no one; now these girls are my best friends. I’m even living with 4 of them now!”

“I love playing ultimate because of the team dynamic, sports, and friendship.”