University ID Photo BearPass Card

BearPass Card Services

The mission of the BearPass Card Office is to provide students, faculty, staff, and guests with a properly encoded identification card formally referred to as the BearPass Card. Access to numerous facilities including student information and other venues is available through the use of this card.

Door Control

Doors under the control of the BearPass Card system will allow access to only those people identified in writing to the BearPass Card Office. The Dean, Vice President or those identified by the Dean or Vice President responsible for a building, are also responsible for identifying those who will have access outside of regular hours.

The list provided to the BearPass Card Office must have name, social security number, start date, stop date and type of access. Full access is 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. A point of contact from the department should be noted on the list.

The list must be in the BearPass Card Office by 10:00 a.m. The day before access is to begin. Instructions for obtaining the authorization form are described in the next paragraph. This is the only form that will be accepted by the BearPass Card Office.

Departments authorizing building access must complete the BearPass Card Authorization Form.

If no suspend date is provided the person is assumed to be full time faculty or staff and will have access until it is revoked in writing, or the faculty or staff member retires or is terminated. Campus security officers will have access to all doors that have a BearPass Card reader attached.

Contact Information:
Wendell Northrip, Director of BearPass Card Services
Phone: 417-836-8409
Location: Plaster Student Union 128