Distance Education Committee Membership

The Distance Education Committee consists of Missouri State faculty members appointed to the committee by College Deans and representatives appointed by the Provost from the Office of the Provost, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Missouri State Online and Missouri State Outreach. The representatives appointed by the Provost are considered standing committee members.

Faculty Representatives appointed to the Distance Education Committee serve for a three-year term. Faculty committee members may serve two successive three-year terms, but then will be ineligible for reappointment for a minimum of three years. The service terms of Faculty Representatives are staggered. The committee has faculty representation from each of the colleges and a faculty member from the West Plains Campus.

Faculty College Status Term
Jan Atwell CHHS 2nd term 2021
Jessica Bennett Library 1st term 2019
Ching-Wen Chang COE 2nd term 2021
Stephanie Hein CNAS 1st term 2019
Gary Iman COAL 2nd term 2019
Richard Johnson COB 1st term 2019
Helena Metzker CNAS 1st term 2020
Caryn Saxon CHPA 2nd term 2021
Christine Sudbrock AGR 2nd term 2020
David White MSU-WP 1st term 2021

Standing Members

Lacey Geiger, Missouri State Outreach
Chuck Hermans, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
Krista Lair, MSU West Plains Technology Services
Jeff Morrissey, Computer Services
Joye Norris, Associate Provost - Access and Outreach
Stacy Rice, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning