LaToya Kissoon-Charles

LaToya Kissoon-CharlesAssistant Professor

Academic Interests

  • Wetland plants
  • Wetland ecology
  • Biology education research 

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

I recently published papers in Wetlands and Aquatic Botany featuring my work on Minnesota shallow lakes.

Previous Experience

I obtained my PhD from North Dakota State University in 2012. My dissertation focused on the biogeochemistry of wet ecosystems. I then had two postdoc positions. First, in biological sciences investigating the impacts of metal nanoparticles on a floating aquatic plant and second, in biology education research investigating the quantitative landscape of an undergraduate biology curriculum and student quantitative abilities in biology. Part of my postdoc training also involved my development of online introductory biology courses for majors and non-majors.   


Georgetown, Guyana 


  • Nature photography
  • Mushroom hunting
  • Cooking
  • Traveling 

Future Goals and Aspirations

I am looking forward to developing a wetland research program at MSU, engaging in collaborative projects, and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students who will become effective, inspiring, informed, and thoughtful citizens. I would like to provide students with a positive and valuable experience that will have a profound impact on their learning and help them realize and accept the collaborative nature of science and learning.  

Life Outside the University

I enjoy trying foods from different cultures and watching crime dramas.

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