Matthew McKay

Matthew McKayAssistant Professor
Geography, Geology and Planning

Academic Interests

I am a field geologist interested in understanding the evolution of mountain belts along active margins. I study how the Earth's crust responds to tectonic events through time and explore the impact that may have on the distribution of our natural resources.  

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Fildani, A., McKay, M.P. , Stockli, D.F.,  Clark, J.D., Weislogel, A.L., Dykstra, M., Hessler, A.M.,  (2016) The ancestral Mississippi drainage archived in the late Wisconsin Mississippi deep-sea fan, Geology, vol. 44 (6), p. 479-482.
  • McKay, M.P., Coble, M., Hessler, A.M.,Weislogel, A.L., Fildani, A. (2016), Petrogenesis and provenance of distal, airfall tuffs in the Permian-Triassic Karoo Basin, South Africa: a window into a dissected, magmatic province, Geosphere, v. 12 (1).
  • McKay, M.P., Weislogel, A.L., Fildani, A., Brunt, R., Hodgson, D., Flint, S. (2015), U-PB zircon tuff geochronology from the Karoo Basin, South Africa: implications of zircon recycling on stratigraphic age controls, International Geology Review, vol 57 (4), pp. 393-410. 

Previous Experience

  • Geological Survey of Alabama, field geologist: 2014–2016
  • Professional research experience at Statoil (in residence at the University of Texas-Austin) and Chevron Energy Technology Co.
  • Research and teaching assistantships at West Virginia University and the University of Alabama 


Oxford, AL

Life Outside the University

I enjoy training for marathons and spending time outside. 

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