Galen Eakins

No picture - large sizeVisiting Assistant Professor

Academic Interests

  • Supramolecular self-assembly
  • Incorporation of natural molecular structural moieties into synthetic molecular design
  • Molecular structure/function relationships
  • Organic semiconductors  

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • “Directed Assembly of Organic Semiconductors Using Naturally Self-Assembling Peptides” G. L. Eakins, R. Pandey, J. P. Wojciechowski, H. Y. Zheng, J. E. A. Webb, C. Valéry, P. Thordarson, N. O. V. Plank, J. A. Gerrard, and J. M. Hodgkiss  Advanced Functional Materials, 2015, 25, 5640-5649
  • “Chiral Effects in Peptide-Substituted Perylene Imide Nanofibers” G. L. Eakins, J. P. Wojciechowski, A. D. Martin, J. E.A. Webb, P. Thordarson, and J. M. Hodgkiss Supramolecular Chemistry, 2015, 27, 746-756
  • “Structure of Echivulgarine, a Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Isolated from the Pollen of Echium Vulgare” E. Cairns, M. A. Hashmi, A. J. Singh, G. Eakins, M. Lein, and R. Keyzers Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2015, 63, 7421-7427
  • “Thermodynamic Factors Impacting the Peptide-Driven Self-Assembly of Perylene Diimide Nanofibers” G. L. Eakins, J. K. Gallaher, R. A. Keyzers, A. Falber, J. E. A. Webb, A. Laos, Y. Tidhar, H. Weissman, B. Rybtchinski, P. Thordarson, and J. M. Hodgkiss Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014, 118, 8642-8651
  • “Structural Influences Impacting the Role of the 9-Ylidene Bond in the Electronic Tuning of Structures Built upon 9-Fluorenylidene Scaffolds” G. L. Eakins, M. W. Cooper, T. J. Phillips, N. N. Gerasimchuk, B. E. Breyfogle, and C. J. Stearman Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2013, 91, 1059-1071
  • “Tuning HOMO-LUMO Levels: Trends Leading to the Design of 9-Fluorenone Scaffolds with Predictable Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties” G. L. Eakins, J. S. Alford, B. J. Tiegs, B. E. Breyfogle, and C. J. Stearman Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 2011, 24, 1119-1128
  • “Cation-Induced p-Stacking” E. Bosch, C. L. Barnes, N. L. Brennan, G. L. Eakins, and B. E. Breyfogle Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2008, 73, 3931–3934

Previous Experience

  • Victoria University of Wellington — New Zealand (February 2013 – November 2014)
  • Post-Graduate Laboratory Demonstrator — Physical Chemistry — Instructing students in 1st year (100-level) and 2nd year (200-level) chemistry courses, Ozarks Technical Community College - Springfield, Missouri (January-December 2011)
  • Adjunct Instructor — Introductory Chemistry — Conducting course lectures and labs, preparing exams  Missouri State University - Springfield, Missouri (August 2008 to May 2010)
  • Post-Graduate Teaching Assistant — Organic Chemistry — Instructing/Supervising students in performing organic laboratory experiments  College of the Ozarks - Point Lookout, Missouri (August-December 2005)
  • Chemistry Department Student Assistant — Organic Chemistry — Assisting students with organic laboratory experiments 


Springfield, MO 


  • Hiking
  • Travel
  • Photography 

Future Goals and Aspirations

Pursuing academic posts with a teaching emphasis while retaining some research opportunities. Also investigating industrial opportunities in synthetic and instrumental chemical technology. 

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