Marcia Himes

Marcia HimesAssistant Professor
Physical Therapy

Academic Interests

My academic interests include cardiopulmonary issues and balance and fall-risk assessment.  I am a course instructor for PTE 710 - Introduction to Physical Therapy, PTE 732 - Electrotherapeutic Modalities and Clinical Electrophysiology, and PTE 744 - Patient Management: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Problems. I also assist with clinical education and supervise student research activities.

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Robinson BS, Himes M, Keller J. A correlational study among the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale, the modified Clinical Test for Sensory Interaction in Balance Score, and the Berg Balance Scale in community-dwelling older women.
  • Poster Presentation American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting: February 5, 2015.

Previous Experience

Over the past eighteen years, I have had the opportunity to work as a physical therapy professional in a variety of clinical settings including outpatient, acute care, skilled nursing, the public school setting, and home health. For the past six years, I have narrowed my focus to the acute care setting, primarily treating patients in the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and intensive care environments.


My hobbies include mission work, gardening, landscaping, restoring antiques, and DIY projects.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Currently, I am enrolled in the University of Indianapolis’ post-professional Doctor of Health Science degree program. My major application is education with a concentration in leadership. I hope to complete my DHSc degree by May 2017. Additionally, I am preparing to sit for the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specialist Certification (CCS) that is offered through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. 

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