James Satterfield

James SatterfieldDepartment Head
Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

Academic Interests

My research agenda focuses on the social, metaphorical, symbolic, and institutional characteristics within p-20 educational systems. In my work when examining how things become institutionalized in educational systems and communities allows for a greater understanding of the discourse between different interest groups. More specifically, but not exclusively, I look at the intersectionalities between intercollegiate athletics and the community at large.

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Satterfield, J.W., Hughes, R. L., Kearney, K., & Martinez, E. (2011). The Study of Sports and  Athletics in Higher Education. ASHE Reader Series.
  • Satterfield, J.W. & Croft. C. (2015) The Athletic Casting Call: Factors Contributing to the Social  Construction of the Black Male College Athlete. In R. Bennett. Editor & J. Moore. Editor (Eds.), Black Males and Athletics in Higher Education: An Exploration of Issues and Solutions. United Kingdom, Emerald Publishing.
  • Satterfield, J.W. (2015). Organization and Governance of the NCAA. In E. Comeaux. Editor  (Ed.) Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics in American Higher Education. Baltimore,  Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Fine, C., Pindar, L., Reese, K.L., & Satterfield, J.W. (2016) "All-In?" African  American Engagement at Clemson University Football Games.
  • Satterfield, J.W. (2015) Tenure is Not the Problem. . . We are! In L. Sadeghi, Editor & K.  Callahan. Editor (Eds.), Educational leadership in action: a casebook for aspiring leaders. NY: Taylor & Francis.
  • Hadley, W. & Satterfield, J.W.(2013).  Are university students with learning disabilities getting the help they need? Journal of The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition. Vol. 25.1
  • Gonzales, L. & Satterfield, J.W. (2013) A Reflexive Interrogation: Talking Out Loud & Finding Spaces for Works of Public Good. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.
  • Kearney, K. S., Krumm, B., Hughes, R. L., & Satterfield, J. W (2012) Organized  for death: Theoretical and practical lessons from organizational analyses of Auschwitz. Journal of Management Education.
  • Satterfield, J.W.  & Godfrey, M. (2010) The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Football: A Metaphorical, Symbolic and Ritualistic Community Event. Forum: Qualitative Social Research 12(1)

Previous Experience

  • Clemson University, Associate Professor, Department of Leadership, Counselor Education, Human and Organizational Development, Eugene T. Moore School of Education.
  • University Study Abroad Consortium – Puntarenas Costa Rica Visiting Professor
  • University of Texas at El Paso  Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Foundations
  • Eastern Michigan University, College of Education Lecturer and Director of Internships, Educational Leadership Doctoral Fellow, Teaching/Research Assistant, Educational Leadership


Chesapeake, VA


  • Family stuff
  • Jazz music

Future Goals and Aspirations

To be a leader in the overall landscape of higher education.

Life Outside the University

I do my best to try and make my community a better place to live and play.

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