Julia Troche

Julia Troche
Assistant Professor

Academic Interests

  • Ancient history (especially ancient Egypt)
  • Archaeology
  • Religions of the ancient Near East and Classical Mediterranean world
  • Festival
  • The continued social role of the dead (e.g. veneration, ritual feasting, etc.) in the ancient Mediterranean
  • Daily life
  • Creation and maintenance of sacred space
  • Memory studies

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

Most Recent

  • "The Living Dead at Deir el-Medina" in A.Dorn and S. Polis (Eds.) Proceedings from the conference: Deir el-Medina and the Theban Necropolis: Describing the interactions within and outside the community of workmen.
  • [In Press]  Co-authored with Jen Thum. November 2016. “Visitor as Researcher: Making Archaeology More Accessible with Broken and Unprovenienced Objects” in Advances in Archaeological Practice Volume 4, Number 4: 537-549.
  • Exhibition co-curator "Uncovering Ancient Egypt: Ancient Crafts, Modern Technologies” (2015) at the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology

Previous Experience

After receiving my PhD, I taught at Missouri State from 2015–2016 as an Instructor of History and was a Lecturer of Egyptology at the University of California, Los Angeles from 2016–2017. Additionally, I have worked in the field as an excavator, field surveyor, and epigrapher in Egypt and Jordan.


San Diego, CA


  • Playing tennis
  • Traveling

Future Goals and Aspirations

My goals include getting my monograph out, growing students' and the community's excitement and interest in ancient history, curating a museum exhibition locally, and working with colleagues to set up a new chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt that will serve Missouri, and possibly the region.

Life Outside the University

If I am not working, I am playing tennis, watching movies, or playing pub trivia.