Joshua Davis

Joshua DavisDepartment Head
Computer Information Systems

Academic Interests

  • E-Value Creation in Supply Chains
  • E-Business Organizational IT Knowledge/Competence Management

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Kettinger, W. J., Li, Y., Davis, J. M., & Kettinger, L. (2015). The roles of psychological climate, information management capabilities, and IT support on knowledge-sharing: An MOA perspective. European Journal of Information Systems, 24(1), 59-75.
  • Davis, J. M., Mora-Monge, C., Quesada, G., & Gonzalez, M. (2014). Cross-cultural influences on e-value creation in supply chains. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 19(2), 187-199.
  • Davis, J. M., & Tuttle, B. (2013). A heuristic-systematic model of end-user information processing when encountering IS exceptions. Information & Management, 50(2-3), 125-133.
  • Yi, M. Y., Yoon, J., Davis, J. M., & Lee, T. (2013). Untangling the antecedents of initial trust in Web-based health information: The roles of argument quality, source expertise, and user perceptions of information quality and risk. Decision Support Systems, 55(1), 284-295.
  • Davis, J. M. (2013). Leveraging the IT competence of non-IS workers: Social exchange and the good corporate citizen. European Journal of Information Systems, 22(4), 403-415.
  • Kettinger, W. J., Marchand, D., & Davis, J. M. (2010). Achieving flexibility and standardization globally through enterprise IT architecture design. MIS Quarterly Executive, 9(2), 95-113.
  • Davis, J. M., Kettinger, W. J., & Kunev, D. G. (2009). When users are IT experts too: The effects of joint IT competence and partnership on satisfaction with enterprise-level systems implementation. European Journal of Information Systems, 18(1), 26-37.

Previous Experience

  • Three years as a software developer (2000 through 2002).
  • Three years as a business analyst (2003 through 2005).


St. Louis, MO


I enjoy long distance running (marathons/half marathons).

Future Goals and Aspirations

Continue to contribute to the great work of the Department of Computer Information Systems.  Be a good husband and a good father.

Life Outside the University

Running; eating great food; connecting with family and friends.

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