Jacynda Ammons

Jacynda Ammons

Academic Interests

African American history and post-World War II United States history. My specialization within African American History is the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, with an emphasis on the international influence of the Black Panther Party. I also like to incorporate political history as well as cultural history such as sports and pop culture in my research and teaching.


Bismarck, Arkansas


  • Watching college football and basketball (the most important to me)
  • Reading
  • Outdoor activities such as walking and running.
  • Cultural events such watching ballet or attending concerts.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Having a book manuscript based on my dissertation research published.

Life Outside the University

Life outside of the university generally revolves around my family in Arkansas and friends who live all over the US. My family and friends are big sports fans, so I spend a lot of time between September and April talking about the latest in college football and basketball. Like my parents, I am a big Arkansas Razorback fan, so we spend a lot of time talking on the phone together during football and basketball games! I enjoy being part of a campus community, so I try to take advantage of as many opportunities on campus as possible, such as going to sporting events, or watching musical productions.