Laura Hart

Laura Hart
Assistant Professor

Academic Interests

My research interests relate to health disparities along racial, class and gender lines. My current research investigates local dimensions of a cancer cluster in Ohio where approximately 50 children have been diagnosed with or have died of cancers of the brain and central nervous system since the mid-1990s. Through a historical and ethnographic study of environmental contamination and illness, I am investigating the dynamics of agency and accountability as they relate to interpersonal and structural domains of power. This project also addresses barriers to government and community collaboration in identifying the source of toxins, and presents opportunities for more useful and accurate public health strategies.

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

“Half the Battle: Social Support Among Women with Cancer.” 2016. Qualitative Inquiry. 22(4):253–262.

Previous Experience

As a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I worked with an interdisciplinary research team that involved the qualitative analysis of 60 interviews conducted with American innovators. These interviews were followed by a workshop which was held on October 22-23 at the NAE Washington, DC. Results from this research are documented in a publication by the National Academy of Engineering titled Educate to Innovate


Mantua, OH


My hobbies include playing the piano and writing.