Aaron Sauer

Aaron Sauer
Assistant Professor
Technology and Construction Management

Academic Interests

In the field of Construction Management I have a number of academic interests. I have recently attained the LEED Green Association credential and I have an interest in Sustainable Construction and the transition to a more sustainable built environment. My primary area of expertise is Cost Estimating and Cost Analysis. With my students I enjoy exploring what it means to be a professional and building a foundation for ethical behavior.

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Sauer, A., Shearer B., & Bradford, C. (2016). "An Investigation of Factors that Influence Willingness to Relocate for Construction Management Students." Proceedings of the ASC 52nd International Conference, Provo, UT.
  • Sauer, A., Bradford C., & McCandless D. (2014). "Building Code Officials Intent to Adopt and Perceptions of the International Green Construction Code." Proceedings of the ASC 50th International Conference, Washington, DC.
  • McCandless, D., Sauer, A., & Penland, J. (2012). "Keeping Applied Construction Teachers in the Secondary School System." Technology Interface International Journal (TIIJ). 12(2), 73-79.
  • McCandless, D., & Sauer, A. (2010). "Retention of Construction Teachers Engaged in Missouri‚Äôs Secondary School System." Journal of Career and Technical Education (JCTE), 25(2), 63-77.
  • Bruce, R., Sauer, A., & McCandless, D. (2008). The Perceived Value of Constructor Certification to Certified Professional Constructors." The American Professional Constructor (APC), 32(1), 9-16. 

Previous Experience

After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent 10 years working in the commercial construction industry. During that time I held many positions including Estimator and Project Manager. At the time I left the construction industry, I was managing a firm in Columbia, MO. Next, I transitioned to higher education and completed a PhD in Technology Management from Indiana State University. Prior to joining MSU, I taught in the Construction Management Department at the University of Central Missouri.


Warrensburg, MO


I have more hobbies and interests that I can list. I enjoy the outdoors and exploring Ozark streams. I also enjoy motor sports and am fond of old cars and motorcycles.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Professionally I would like to continue to develop my skills in the classroom and deliver challenging courses that prepare students to succeed in the Construction Industry. I also hope to narrow my many research interests to areas of the greatest value to my industry and consistently produce quality scholarly contributions. Personally, I aspire to be a terrific husband to my wife Meridith and a role model for my two daughters, Delaney and Adrienne.

Life Outside the University

With two daughters, one a senior in high school and the other a sophomore, my life outside of the University mostly revolves around attending school plays, show choir concerts and dance recitals.