Jonathan Mabee

Lisa Brescia
Assistant Professor
Media, Journalism and Film

Academic Interests

  • Film, TV, Media, News, Veteran Issues, (but just an all around life-learner about all sorts of stuff, really). 

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Script Panel Presentation - University Film & Video Association (UFVA) 2017 Conference "On Blackest Day, In Brightest Night" (Narrative Feature)

  • Winner: Best Veteran Created Project "Please Hold" (Short Film) - Miami Vet Fest (2016)

  • Winner: Best Message "Please Hold" (Short Film) - Top Indie Film Awards (2016)

  • Nominee: Best Writing "Please Hold" (Short Film) - Top Indie Film Awards (2016)

  • Nominee: Best Short Film "Please Hold" (Short Film) - Top Indie Film Awards (2016)

Previous Experience

  • 2015–2017 - Saint Louis University, Department of Communication - Assistant Professor
  • 2011–2015 - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale - Teaching Assistant & Instructor of Record


I'm a pretty big nerd, so just about everything that falls within that purview: Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Films, Game of Thrones, Xbox, etc. (it doesn't hurt that those all fall within my area of research and teaching). But I also like to get outside and fish, throw a football around, and play with my daughter.

Future Goals and Aspirations

I'd really like to write and/or produce a few meaningful and successful films that help reflect our society in a way that shows our similarities, instead of our differences. That examine all the many trials and tribulations we each endure as individuals, yet understand as a community and share through our media. And to give true representation to those who are misconstructed or marginalized in roles in front of- and behind the camera. But most importantly, to enable the audience to experience life as 'other' when they inhabit the avatars of the story's protagonist and see the world through another's eyes. Hopefully learning that much more about the world and people around them.  Oh, and earning tenure would also be pretty rad, I suppose.

Life Outside of the University

Well, I'm proud to say that I love being a dad, so I spend a lot of time playing and hanging out with my daughter, Lucy, who will be two in September. I also love to cook, so I'll usually cook diner for my amazing partner Sarah, whose a librarian (and Lucy, if she'll eat it). We like to get out and explore Springfield since we've only been here since June, but we're also a couple of homebodies (mostly because we're exhausted with a toddler) and watch a lot of films and TV (which kinda works because we're both media academics - so score on two fronts!). Outside of that, I write scripts and stories to produce and pitch, and look for interesting projects to get involved with as I begin my research.