Antoinette Barffour

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Assistant Professor
Modern and Classical Languages

Academic Interests

  • French & Francophone languages and cultures
  • Applied Linguistics and SLA
  • French Phonetics
  • Contact linguistics—lexical borrowing
  • Sociolinguistics (languages and dialects, language attitudes, language policy and planning)

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Anane, J.M, Barimah, B., & Barffour, A, (2017). "Nana Kwame Ampadu: Fabuliste Ghanéen dans les Annales de Jean de La Fontaine." ELA. (Accepted in June 2016).
  • Barffour, A. (2016). "A Study of English Loanwords in French Written Texts and Advertisements and the Attitudes and Perceptions of the Francophone Readership." ProQuest, the University of Alabama.
  • Barffour, A. (2008). "Lapsus Phonetique et Phonologie." Institut de Phonétique, l’université de Strasbourg, France.
  • Barffour, A. (2007). "Le Ghana, Terre d’accueil." Terre D’Afrique, 11–12.
  • Barffour, A.(2007). "Les Moments Mémorables." Wrota Afryki, p.8–9.

Plus other numerous accomplishments.

Previous Experience

  • French Lecturer and Beginner level French Coordinator—Washington University in St Louis (2016–2017).
  • French-English-Twi Translator-Interpreter: Transimpex, Kansas City (2017– ).
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant—The University of Alabama (2012–2016) •Associate Instructor- Indiana University Bloomington French and Italian Department (2010–2012).
  • Study Abroad Program Coordinator and French Instructor-Indiana University Bloomington Honors program in France (2010–2012).


Watreso (Ashanti-Region, Ghana)


  • Watching movies
  • Singing hymns
  • Listening to news, religious and political debates

Future Goals and Aspirations

  • Help develop MLC program to offer higher degree programs.
  • Promote study abroad program in France and Ghana.
  • Help promote French language learning among college and high school students in the State of Missouri.

Life Outside the University

My husband, my kids and I love to spend time together – to play guitar, sing, meet with friends, and attend outdoor activities.