Central Receiving

Central Receiving reports to the Property Control Office and is responsible for receiving, storing and delivering University supplies and equipment to University departments.

Receiving procedures

  • When packages are received, it is Receiving’s responsibility to ensure that the shipment has the correct number of packages and that the packages are not damaged. All package tracking numbers are logged into the receiving area and logged out of the area when delivery is made. When packages are delivered to University departments, a signature is required so that the items may be tracked should a discrepancy arise.
  • Departmental return or shipping packages Form
    Central Receiving provides pickup and delivery service for the campus community. A completed Package Return or Shipment Form will be required for all pick-ups.
    • Packages to be returned to a vendor, a return authorization number is required. 
    • Packages being directly shipped by a department, require a budget number. Packages will be taken to the Bookstore for shipping.

E-mail Receiving@missouristate.edu to request a pickup.

Contact , Gene Brewer 417-836-4668 at the Bookstore regarding any direct shipping questions.

For packages addressed to a Post Office Box, they must be shipped through Postal Services. They cannot be shipped via FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

  • Incoming hazardous materials packing slips are maintained by Environmental Services. The packing slips are placed in a log so that Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations may be followed.


Central Stores & Maintenance Building
901 S. National, Springfield, MO 65897
Phone: (417)836-5776
Fax: (417)836-7668
Office Email: receiving@missouristate.edu